LinkSmart XML Schemas

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LinkSmart XML Schemas
<div>The following zip file includes a set of related XML schema files that should be used as specification and validation of a set of LinkSmart XML document.</div> <div></div> <div><a class="fb_attachment" title="" href=";pgType=pgWikiAttachment&amp;ixAttachment=308&amp;" rel="nofollow" data-cke-saved-href="default.asp?pg=pgDownload&amp;pgType=pgWikiAttachment&amp;ixAttachment=308&amp;"><span style="color: #21759b;">LinkSmart</span></a></div> <div></div> <div>The zip file includes:</div> <ul> <li><strong><em><span style="font-family: Thread-0000983c-Id-00000b43;">LinkSmartEventModel.xsd</span></em></strong> – Schema for the LinkSmart Events</li> <li><em><strong><span style="font-family: Thread-0000983c-Id-00000b43;">LinkSmartIoTEntityModel.xsd</span></strong></em> – Schema for the LinkSmart IoTEntity model used as payload in events, and in the RESTful API.</li> <li><em><strong><span style="font-family: Thread-0000983c-Id-00000b43;">LinkSmartTypeLibrary.xsd</span></strong></em> – A set of common schema types and components imported by other schemas such as Event and IoTEntity models.</li> <li><em><strong><span style="font-family: Thread-0000983c-Id-00000b43;">RDFaTypeDefinitions.xsd</span></strong></em> – Definitions of basic schema types from the <a href="" rel="nofollow" data-cke-saved-href=""><span style="color: #21759b;">RDFa Core 1.1 specification</span></a>. These schema types are used for definitions of RDFa attributes in other importing schemas.</li> <li><em><strong><span style="font-family: Thread-0000983c-Id-00000b43;">xml.xsd</span></strong></em> – Definitions of basic XML attributes (xml:base, xml:space, xml:lang) form the W3C for usage in importing schemas.</li> </ul>

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