Each IoT Resource provides an easy-to-use REST interface to retrieve data about the resource and it is current state. It is also possible to invoke actions.

Retrieving Services

By providing the endpoint and the keyword services it is possible to retrieve all services offered.resourceREST1

Retrieving Statevariables

Supplying the service name and the keyword statevariables will list all statevariables associated with the service. is


Checking Statevariable Values


Retrieving Actions


Invoking Actions

Actions can be invoked using parameters following the syntax action?param1=X&param2=Y


http://<endpoint>/services  Retrieves all services offered by the IoTResource
http://<endpoint>/services/<name> Retrieves all state variables associated with the service
http://<endpoint>/services/<name>/statevariables Retrieves the current value of all state variables
http://<endpoint>/services/<name>/statevariables/<name> Retrieves the value of a specified state variable
http://<endpoint>/services/<name>/actions Retrieves all actions that can be performed on the IoTResource
http://<endpoint>/services/<name>/actions/<name>?param1=X&param2=Y Invokes an action with or without parameters.