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The gateway provides mechanisms for routing requests regarding the physical world to the appropriate software resource that is able to fulfil the request, such as reporting the temperature in a particular  office  space  or the current electricty consumption of an household appliance.

This functionality is provided by the IoT Resource Catalogue. The catalogue discovers and keeps track of available IoTResources in the network. It provides a REST-based interface to select and retrieve data about IoTResources and their services.

IoTResources are software objects that provide IoT Services for applications and end-users, e.g., retrieving and analyzing data about the physical world, invoking actions and so on. Currently three types of IoTResources have been defined and implemented:

  • IoTDevice
  • IoTSensor
  • IoTThing

IoTResources typically runs in IoTWorld gateways. The IoTResources provides the means to deliver the information about IoTEntities in the IoTWorld and to actuate on them.

As an example see figure below that shows which IoTResources have been discovered on the IoTWorld gateway ”KURSAAL”, which handles several physical gateways (KURSAAL, ELO2,CLEMONS) and which IoT Services they offer. IoTResources are discovered and managed by the IoT Resource Catalogue.