IoT World Services

Welcome to the world of Internet of Things!  is a software-defined gateway for Internet of Things applications. It acts as a bridge between the digital world and the physical world, allowing applications and apps to talk to, control and observe objects in the physical world through a common software gateway.

IoT World Services Overview

The main features  of are:

  • A model to represent objects and their relations in the physical world
  • Standardised representation and APIs for IoT software resources and their services
  • Pairing of physical objects and software resources
  • Routing of physical world requests to software  objects
  • Automatic resource and service discovery mechanisms
  • Event detection and processing
  • Scalable big data management

The Linksmart .net gateway provides mechanisms for routing requests regarding the physical world to the appropriate software resource that is able to fulfil the request, such as reporting the temperature in a particular  office  space  or the current electricty consumption of an household appliance.

IoT-A Model

The gateway also provide means to detect and act on events that takes place in the physical world, such as a door was closed. Observations and  state changes in the physical world can be logged and reported locally or to the cloud, thus providing the necessary facilitities to create and make use of big data.

The fact that is a software-defined gateway makes it very flexible and your applications future-proof  and independent of changes to hardware and low level protocols. The gateway is fully programmable and available as Open Source.

A set of developer tools are available to allow configuration and administration of your IoT World.

In short, is your gateway into the future of  Internet of Things!