Basic IoTConcepts

Wikis > > Basic IoTConcepts provides a straightforward model for representing objects in the physical world and their properties and map them to software resources that allow control and reading of data about the physical objects. The three main concepts are IoTEntity, IoTResource and IoTWorld.


The entity of interest for observations in an IoT system, the things in the physical world we want to observe and perform actions on. Examples of IoTEntity instances can be rooms, an household appliance or a person. The IoTEntities have properties that can be observed.

See also IoTEntity


IoTResources are software objects that provide IoT Services for applications and end-users for retrieving and analyzing data about the physical world as well as invoking actions like switching of a light. Some examples of IoTResources are software objects representing actuators, sensors, data streams, databases, et c.

See also IoTResource


A subset of the physical world, a set of IoTEntities that belong together and the associated IoTResources for  observing and acting on this part of physical world. It could represent physical, functional or organizational units in some application domain. For instance you can model your house as one IoTWorld, or an office, a complete building or even a whole city, it depends on the need ofyour Application. The IoTWorld is accessed through a Linksmart .net software defined gateway.

An IoTWorld Gateway UI provides an user interface to an IoTWorld.