Registering IoTResources

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There are three  ways to register an IoTResource with the IoTResource Catalogue:

  • UPnP Discovery using SSDP and SCPD
  • SELF Registration
  • LinkSmart Event Registration

UPnP Discovery

If your IoTResources supports the UPnP  Protocol the  IoTResource will register automatically with the IoT Resource Catalogue.

The IoTResource needs to include the string “IoTdevice” in its “DeviceURN”element in the SCPD file.

The IoTResource should also implement the service IoTService.

If you have used the tool IoTResource Builder to create your IoTResource, all this is automatically  taken care of in the generated code.

SELF Registration

For IoTResources that don´t support UPnP there is a way to register the resource manually by using the RegisterResource action of the catalogue service of the IoTResourceCatalogue.

LinkSmart  Event Registration

This has not been implemented yet.