Windows Version

Download and install the IoT Resource Catalogue Browser for Windows. When you double click on the executable it browser will first discover the IoTResourceCatalogue in your local  network. If you click on the catalogue name in the tree, you will see Three tabs to the right. The first tab shows you the number of IoTResources this catalogue has discovered.


The second tab shows the IoTResourceIds and the endpoints to  the different IoTResources. In case there are IoTResources which are in some error state and therefore cannot be accessed, they will be listed in the third tab.


 You can now expand the tree on the left. The gateway nodes corresponds to different hardware gateways (normally computers) in your network which hosts the IoTResources. If you click on one IoTResource, you will see three tabs  to the right. The first  tab (IoT) lists the statevariables/properties that are specific for LinkSmart.



The second tab (IoTObservation)  shows which statevariables are being logged into the local storage, and their current value, while the third tab lists the UPnP  specific metadata properties (like FriendlyName, Manufacturer, e tc)


If you expand the IoTResource node you will see the services it offers, and if you expand the service node you will see the actions that can be  performed.



By double clickking on the action you can then also directly invoke it.