Installing and configuring LinkSmart

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Step 1: Download and install LinkSmart

  • Download and install LinkSmart 2.1 binaries  see Linksmart Sourceforge Wiki.
  • Start LinkSmart by running run_linksmart.bat or depending on your OS.

Step 2: Configure the LinkSmart node

This will display the LinkSmart status page for the local node:

  • Click on the “LinkSmart Configurator” tab. This will display the configuration page

  • Click on network to configure the LinkSmart node.

  • Change the description of the Network Manager Instance, pick a description that really describes the node, for instance. NetworkManager:CNet_TestNode.
  • Press the “Update Configuration” button.

Step 3: Join the the public LinkSmart development network.

  • Click on the network.backbone.jxta configuration section:

Scroll further down on the page:

  • Change the value of “URI of SuperNode via TCP” to tcp://
  • Press the “Update Configuration” button.

Now you should have joined the LinkSmart development network

Step 4: Check that you are part of the LinkSmart Developer network

You should now find more network managers LinkSmart  in http://1270.0.1:8082/LinkSmartStatus (It can take some time before they appear)

  • Click on the “Network Managers only” button to only display active network managers and you should find some more network managers there.

Step 5: You are done!


  • If you do not see any other nodes after a minute or two: Double check the java security files.
  • If you experience that the LinkSmart network is not stable, i.e. sometimes you see all the nodes and sometimes you do not see any you can try the following:
  1. Stop LinkSmart
  2. Delete the folder in  the linksmart subfolder in your LinkSmart installation.
  3. Restart linksmart