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The StorageManagerSetup zip archive contains an installer that will setup all components including MongoDB.

MSMQ must be setup on the machine.

.NET Framework 4.5 must be set up on the machine.

The installer will deploy storagemanager components to “c:\storagemanager” and MongoDB to “c:\mongodb”.

The components in folders MSMQ_SM, Archiver and REST_API are configured to use the same database. If this is changed, the “.config” files must
be changed so that the setting “DatabaseName” points to the same database.

The component in MQTT_MSMQ listens to an MQTT broker at and topic /federation1/trn/v2/observation/#. This may be changed in the
“.config” file.

To avoid editing the config files in MQTT_MSMQ and MSMQ_SM folders, two private transactional MSMQ queues must be setup called:

1) storagemanagerqueue

2) storagemanagerqueuemetadata

The components may be run by runall.bat, which also starts MongoDB.

The Archiver will archive old observation data (default 3 days) and is best run by setting up a basic task in Windows Task Scheduler.

StorageManagerSetup including MongoDB

Download Storage Manager for MongoDB ver 2.4

Download Storage Manager for MongoDB ver 2.6