Registering IoTResources

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Registering IoTResources
There are three  ways to register an IoTResource with the IoTResource Catalogue: <ul> <li>UPnP Discovery using SSDP and SCPD</li> <li>SELF Registration</li> <li>LinkSmart Event Registration</li> </ul> <h3>UPnP Discovery</h3> If your IoTResources supports the UPnP  Protocol the  IoTResource will register automatically with the <a title="IoTResource Catalogue" href="">IoT Resource Catalogue</a>. The IoTResource needs to include the string "IoTdevice" in its "DeviceURN"element in the SCPD file. The IoTResource should also implement the service <a title="IoTService" href="">IoTService.</a> If you have used the tool <a title="IoTResource Builder" href="">IoTResource Builder </a>to create your IoTResource, all this is automatically  taken care of in the generated code. <h3>SELF Registration</h3> For IoTResources that don´t support UPnP there is a way to register the resource manually by using the RegisterResource action of the <a title="Catalogue Services and Actions" href="">catalogue </a>service of the IoTResourceCatalogue. <h3>LinkSmart  Event Registration</h3> This has not been implemented yet.

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