Searching for IoTResources

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Searching for IoTResources
The IoT Resource Catalogue provides a Query language for finding IoTResources. The Query language is based on xpath for querying Xml documents. The IoTResource Catalogue takes an xpath expression and applies it to  the SCPD document of the IoTResources. The IoTResources that matches the xpath expression is then returned. The  xpath querying can be used directly in the REST-Url: http://&lt;catalogueendpoint&gt;/&lt;xpathexpression Some example expressions: http://&lt;catalogueendpoint&gt;//IoT:gateway - returns all IoTResource that has a gateway-element http://&lt;catalogueendpoint&gt;//IoT:gateway[.='ARMSTRONG'] - returns all IoTResource that at gateway "ARMSTRONG" <h3>Namespaces</h3> The following namespaces can be used in the xpath expressions: <ul> <li>upnp</li> <li>IoT</li> <li>IoTObservation</li> </ul>

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