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An IoTEntity is a software representation a physical entity, e.g. a house, a car or a door. IoTEntity corresponds to the IoT-A concept of Virtual Entity. An IoTEntity has properties: a house may have indoor temperature and energy consumption, a door may be locked or unlocked and opened or closed. The state of these properties at different points in time – typically generated by an IoTResource connected to a physical sensor - are represented by IoTStateObservations. State observations of an <a title="Basic IoTConcepts" href="">IoTEntity</a>, typically readings or measurements, can be acquired by two different methods: <ul> <li><a title="Events – Managing Subscriptions" href="">Event subscriptions</a>, or a</li> <li><a title="The RESTful API" href="">RESTful API</a>.</li> </ul> In both cases, a common content model for representations of IoTEntity objects is used. It is described in detail in: <ul> <li><a title="IoTEntity – Content Model" href="">IoTEntity - Content Model</a></li> </ul>

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